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How to Author a New Simulation

CommandPlan provides you with an ability to author your own scenarios. One of your first steps is to decide the bounds of the overall "Playfield" and the "Incident Area".

In the case of a HAZMAT incident the Playfield can be several square miles or 100’s of miles - enough of a distance to allow you to identify firehouses or rescue assets for the origin of available responding units. For Type 4 incidents such as an industrial scenario the overall play field may be the bounds of a building or warehouse.

The Incident Area is a subset of the parent map. In the simulation the incident area is where the training action takes place (check back soon for Emergency Operation Center (EOC) features for a more aggregate training capability). The current CommandPlan is appropriate for training the individual IC in sector command.

The Overall Play Field

Let's experiment with these map concepts. Use the map scratchpads below to plan your scenario.

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The Incident Activity Play Field

This region is the area of incident activity. As a "child" of the parent map it is broad enough for a single sector command to interact with.