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Incident Commander Role

CommandPlan is designed for first responder professionals to exercise and advance their incident command skills. You interact with scenarios and simulated participants in the role of Incident Commander.

Dispatch, Emergency Operations Center and Municipal Agencies

Your on-scene command involves frequent updates or resource requests to a simulated dispatch center operator. The radio traffic and simulated resource teams are put into play in a realistic manner. Extended "actors" in the simulation scenario can include Coast Guard, Police, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activation, Chemtrec, Railway Operations and many other scenario specific resources.

Units Under Your Command

As Incident Commander over your sector you can requisition and task out Engine Companies, Ladder Companies, Hazmat Teams and Rescue Units. CommandPlan can also be utilized for industrial plant scenarios, universities, prisons, airports etc. When not in a fire service mode alternate team and resource structures are made available for the scenario designer to replicate their operational structure.


Civilian actors in the scenario provide incident context by allowing for face to face dialog and can be introduced into the scenario as mobile individuals in need of direction/evacuation or disabled requiring aid or extrication.