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November 2012 - Meet with us at DevLearn 2012 in Las Vegas as we compete in DemoFest with our latest team training technologies (2011 winner in Best Compliance Training). (DevLearn 2012).

October 2012 - See us at the Brunacini Hazard Zone Management Conference. (Blue Card).

August 2012 - See us at the Washington Interactive Learning Technologies Conference where we be speaking on the topic of "Simulation Authoring Targeting Mobile Devices". (SALT).

April 2012 - See us at FDIC in Indianapolis, IN where we be available for hands on demos or authoring. (FDIC).

February 2012 - See us at SALT in Orlando where we discuss the challenges of targeting pads and mobile devices for training applications. (Society for Applied learning Technology (SALT)). Topic: This presentation outlines the business decisions to target a cross device HTML5 technology and the migration/reformulation of Flash-based learning interactions to the new technology foundation.

January 2012 - CommandPlan session at Energy, Utility & Environment Conference (EUEC). Topic: The physical security of nuclear power plants and their vulnerability to deliberate acts of terrorism was elevated to a national security concern following the attacks of September 11, 2001. Natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes threaten operations. System failures or operations missteps can cause an escalated incident. This session illustrates how CommandPlan can offer a facility a suite of simulated training exercises to perfect a response to a facility incident. Simulation based training prepares on site company or local first responder resources to react optimally.

December 2011 - CommandPlan YouTube channel is launched. (CommandPlan Channel).

November 2011 - To see applications of Incident Command training and the back end technologies that makes it possible please meet with us  at DevLearn November 02-04, 2011, 2011 at the Aria Resort & Casino - Las Vegas. To schedule a personal demo or scenario build session please contact Dan Suhr - or 602-347-8849
inXsol wins best Best Compliance Program for their efforts on Blue Card Command Training & Certification Program.

October 2011 - You can meet with us at the 2nd Annual Brunacini’s Hazard Zone Management Conference Oct 17-19, 2011 at the University of Notre Dame - South Bend, Indiana. To schedule a personal demo or scenario build session please contact Dan Suhr - or 602-347-8849